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Travel Plans for Sustainable New Developments
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Guidance - Smarter travel

Encouraging public transport & car sharing

You can help promote public transport and car sharing within your development. Here are some ideas that residents could be encouraged to do:

  • Join Kent Journey Share - a free car sharing platform which tells you if someone is travelling your way.
  • Plan their journeys on Kent Connected, a sustainable travel planning website which will also give you extra information on travelling sustainably in your area.

You, as the developer, could also:

  • Print and promote the most up to date public transport timetables and ensure these are available for staff and visitors.
  • Provide shuttle buses that link to railway stations and town centres.
  • Encourage your residents to use public transport for business travel.

Did you know that Ashford International, Canterbury West and Tonbridge rail stations have cycle hire facilities? Residents could hire a Brompton bike for just £2.50 per day.

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