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Travel Plans for Sustainable New Developments
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Encouraging active travel

If you're hoping to improve the sustainable travel habits and health of your residents, here are some ideas that residents can be encouraged to try:

  • Utilise the Cycle to Work Schemes offered by businesses near or within the new development. This allows employee residents to purchase a bike tax-free and pay monthly instalments which will come directly out of their paycheque for 12 months.
  • Encourage walking meetings! Get the blood pumping, and endorphins going. Residents will notice an increase in motivation, concentration and a boost in attitudes. Try out some of the walks and cycle routes suggested by Explore Kent

Here are ideas that you as the developer could develop:

  • Review the condition of the walkways and cycle routes on and adjacent to your site and provide and plan upgrades.
  • Provide cycling and walking routes for residents.
  • Set up guided walks and cycle rides for residents.
  • Provide well-lit and conveniently located cycle parking, shelters or stands.
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